Dolly v Eve

The Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine are two horror characters based in the North East of England. They are both the brainchild of Dean.

The Rag Dolly is a spooky Northumberland legend. She has supernatural strength and worships a little spade. The same spade her and father use to play with. Since her father’s death, the spade means more to her than ever.

Return or face the consequences.


THE RAG DOLLY RETURNS: Cert 15. Released October 2019.


Eve Valentine returns at midnight on February 13th until midnight on Valentines Night. Before her death on February 13th, 1952, it is alleged that she killed over 50 people. Nothing was ever proven.

Has Eve Valentine returned? Or do we have a copycat killer?


VALENTINE’S EVE: Cert 15. Released February 13th 2020.