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Dean’s first film ‘Legend Of The Chained Oak‘ won best film awards at the Stoke Your Fires, Portobello & Bram Stoker Festivals in 2014.

In the Autumn of 2019, Dean returned to film making.

The Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine are two horror characters based in the North East of England. They are both the brainchild of film director Dean Midas.

The franchise has had over 200,000 views on YouTube and Social Media and millions of views around the world on satellite TV and streaming platforms.

They have also been officially selected at thirty two film festivals around the world and featured in numerous magazines, online and in print.

Dean’s films have also been featured on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 5 Live.

All six films can be seen below.

Dean Midas

The Rag Dolly has supernatural strength and worships a little spade. The same spade her and father use to play with. Since her father’s death, the spade means more to her than ever.

She was locked up in Willo Vale Hospital when she was just 10 years old.

The Rag Dolly:

Supernatural Strength.

Height: 5ft 10ins

Weapons: Spade & Witchcraft.

Weakness: Her Spade.

Blows that lame-ass Annabelle doll out of the water


THE RAG DOLLY RETURNS: Cert 15. Released October 2019.

The Rag Dolly is a spooky North-East legend. In the run-up to Halloween, a local family in Willington, County Durham claims to have seen her? Local filmmaker, Dean Midas investigates and finds out more than he bargained for.

The Rag Dolly Returns.


Eve Valentine killed over 50 people. Her ghost is said to haunt West Manor on February 13th, Valentine’s Eve.

A copycat killer has now taken on Eve Valentine’s image and the killings have started again.

Name: Eve Valentine:

Height: 5ft 10ins

Serial Killer: Split Personality. Merciless & Evil.

Weapon: Large Kitchen Knife.

Weakness: Unknown.


VALENTINE’S EVE: Cert 15. Released February 13th 2020.

Has Serial Killer Eve Valentine returned to West Manor after 68 years?

Valentine’s Eve.

In March 2020, Dean’s characters were featured in Integrity Magazine.


Dean was featured in the March (2020) edition of Out & About Magazine. It is delivered to 10,000 homes in the Wear Valley area.


On the 22nd April 2020, Dean was featured in the Northern Echo newspaper.  Read the full article via


On Saturday 25th April, Valentine’s Eve was shown in America as part of the Severed Limbs Online film festival.

The film was made an Official Selection.

Finalist: Flickfair: June 2020.
Official Selection: Severed Limbs Film Festival: July 2020

THE RAG DOLLY (2020) Cert 15: Released 31st July 2020.

The Rag Dolly has been in the Willo Vale secure unit since she was 10 years old. She couldn’t possibly be out…could she?

The Rag Dolly.

Official Selection: Severed Limbs Film Festival: October 2020.


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On Monday 21st September, world famous bookmakers, Paddy Power gave us odds for the outcome of Dolly v Eve.

The Rag Dolly: 1/2

Eve Valentine: 2/1

The Draw: 10/1

dolly v eve: odeon durham luxe:

On Thursday 22nd October 2020, Dolly v Eve Premiered at the Odeon Durham Luxe.

This is the build up to the film starting. Huge thanks to staff at the Odeon Durham Luxe for making the whole experience so magical.

Dolly v eve: Cert 15: Released friday 23rd october 2020.

“Best one yet, really great short movie”

Dolly v Eve.

Official Selection: Severed Limbs Film Festival: October 2020.

Official Selection: Off The Script Films: November 2020

Huge thanks to Sara Cox on BBC Radio Two for mentioning my films on her radio show on Monday 7th December 2020.

In December 2020, Dean had a six page feature in

Dean’s intro in Darkus Magazine.


2021 got off to a tremendous start for the team with two Official selections:

Off The Script Films 2021
Lift-Off Online Sessions 2021

Film Stories Feature: February 2021

The Rag Dolly, Eve Valentine and Dean’s film work were featured in national film magazine Film Stories.

February’s edition can be ordered via

Narc Magazine: 27th January 2021

Narc Magazine: Valentine’s Eve 2 feature.
Lift-Off Online Sessions: February 2021


Valentine’s Eve 2.
Feature in the Northern Echo: February 2021.
Valentine’s Eve 2 Official Selection: Easter Head Hunt.

Official Selection for The Lift-Off Sessions 2021

Official Selection: April 2021
The Editor of Darkus Magazine reviewed and ranked the five Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine films. Read the full feature via Dolly v Eve
The Official t-shirt for The Rag Dolly available to buy via Slasher Man

Made over 19 months ago, but in early May 2021, The Rag Dolly Returns was Officially selected at one of the biggest online film festivals.
Dean’s film success was featured in the Northern Echo: May 2021
During June and July 2021, all of Dean’s films were shown in the Middle East and North Africa on YouSat TV.
All of the Rag Dolly & Eve Valentine films can now also be seen via the Pzaz TV app.
Download it via the Apple store and Google Play.
Read this Exclusive chat with Darkus Magazine regarding the final film in the franchise

the rag dolly best villain award: 2021

In the early hours of Monday 9th August 2021, The Rag Dolly won best villain at the Severed Limbs Film Festival.
Award win feature in the Northern Echo: Tuesday 10th August 2021.

dolly v eve: homecoming: CERT 15: RELEASED 22/10/21

Interview with Wear Radio: October 18th 2021
Feature in the Northern Echo on Saturday 23rd October 2021
Dean Midas Interviewed on BBC 5 Live.
Dolly v Eve: Homecoming became a Finalist at Accord Cine Fest in November 2021
Darkus Magazine awarded Dean the North East Creative Award for 2021.
Dolly v Eve: Homecoming was Officially Selected for American online film festival ‘Happy New Fear’ in January 2022.
Dean was interviewed by Amy Oakden on Saturday 19th February 2022 on BBC Radio Tees

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